Hyperloop Technology In The Netherlands

Location Netherlands
Our role Advisor
Year 2016-ongoing

With partners, Rebel was employed by the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment to develop the pathfinder business cases for the establishment of a knowledge centre and test facility for Hyperloop technology in The Netherlands, followed by additional support of stakeholders in Hyperloop development.

The challenge

Infrastructure costs and physical footprint of high-speed train network is cumbersome, making the job of congested and overpriced commutes a chronic problem on short to middle distance trips between cities. Flying remains a comparatively attractive alternative for many.

The solution

Following development of the initial pathfinder business case for Hyperloop in The Netherlands, Rebels supported the setting up of the Hyperloop Development Programme (HDP), which channels approximately EUR 30 mln in public and private funding into Hyperloop technology development in The Netherlands – contributing to the construction of a European Hyperloop Test Centre in Groningen, The Netherlands by 2022. We also worked on the establishment of a multi-stakeholder coalition exploring the implementation of Cargoloop Holland: a hyperloop system that will revolutionize logistics and infrastructure utilization between the city and port of Rotterdam, the Dutch horticulture regions and Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. Parties joining the compact include Amsterdam Schiphol Airport and various logistics service providers in the airport region, PostNL, the municipalities of Rotterdam, Westland and Haarlemmermeer, evofenedex as representing the Dutch logistics and export sector, and a significant number of Dutch horticulture businesses.

Why is it innovative?

If it works, Hyperloops could transform transportation. You could order a product from a factory in one area and have it arrive across country the same morning. The entire country could be joined by tubes, squirting humans and goods around at lightning speed, reducing traffic congestion in new, cutting-edge ways.